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Office Furniture Warehouse is a new and used office furniture dealer, office mover & office furniture services provider based in Chattanooga, TN. We’re committed to providing tailored office furniture solutions, supporting workplace objectives for small businesses & large organizations alike. That entails a selection of office furniture with unique solutions for every work environment, and the office furniture services required to streamline your response to growth, change & relocation. Office Furniture Warehouse maintains an office and used furniture showroom in Chattanooga and can provide solutions nationally. Want to work together?

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A major facet of Office Furniture Warehouse' mission is to promote conservation across the board. This means your time, money & those materials destined for the landfill. With our unique product mix, startups and large organizations alike are able to build high-quality solutions that keep their workspace budgets in check. Discover a solution to cultivating a sustainable, cost-effective office with a professional appearance here.

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Discover Solutions for New Office Furniture

We’re committed to responsibly sourcing a comprehensive selection of high-quality office furniture from vendors we’ve built a strong relationship with. These relationships help us ensure that you receive the highest level of responsiveness & transparency concerning your project’s progress while maintaining competitive pricing. From the conference table to cubicle workstations, start building workspace solutions here.
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Respond Quicker With Our Full Suite of Office Furniture Services

At some point, you’ll need to invest in the components of your workspace. Then, there will come a time when you decide that workspace must be reconfigured / relocated / repaired / etc. So, in order to complete a project, you’ll go between a designer, an office furniture dealer, an installation service, a commercial mover, a repair service (if you can find one), and more. Wouldn’t you prefer having one resource for managing workspace projects? Office Furniture Warehouse is your one-stop shop for full-service office furniture solutions.

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Change Is Hard. We're Here To Make Moving Easy.
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Does Your Office Have A Chair Graveyard?
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Solutions for Healthcare Providers
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Spaces for Creating a Positive First Impression.

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Spaces to Promote Learning & Engagement.
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Break Room

Spaces to Put People in a a Positive Frame of Mind.
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Spaces to Make Your Meetings More Effective.
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Private Office

Spaces for Unbridled Individual Focus.
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Open Office

Spaces to Accelerate the Pace of Productivity.
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Spaces that Prioritize Wellness.
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The way we make workspaces work as hard as the people using them is different for everyone, and it's evolved over a decade of doing right by our valued relationships in the Chattanooga community and beyond. Learn more about where the Office Furniture Warehouse team has been, how we're endeavoring to sustainably deliver solutions and, most importatly, where we're headed.

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See for yourself how we're bringing customized solutions to the table, how we're executing our projects and what our clients say about us.

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