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Why & How to Buy the Best Standing Desk

Why Look For The Best Standing Desk?

We’ve all heard that “sitting is the new smoking”. Data shows that Americans spend approximately 80% of their waking hours in a seated position. This poses an increased risk for cardiovascular complications and developing chronic pain. Worse, these risks are difficult to offset with routine exercise alone. Standing desks have been shown to improve circulation, relieve aches a tension associated with prolonged sitting. Additionally, you’re sure to meet your fitness goals by burning a whopping 60 extra calories each hour you’re standing. Let’s take a look at what constitutes the best standing desk and how to go about investing in one.

Are You Sitting Me?

Several studies have validated that office workers spend the majority of their workday sitting down, with estimates of daily sedentary time (including sleep) reaching 11 to 16 hours a day. Because sedentary behavior is so prevalent during work hours, health professionals have pinpointed the workplace as a prime location to reduce sitting.

How To Buy The Best Standing Desk

Now that we’ve examined why standing desks are a worthwhile investment, let’s gain a more in-depth understanding by breaking down the components. The best standing desk (well, all standing desks) are comprised of an adjustable height base, a work surface and accessories.

Standing Desk Bases

Standing desk bases are comprised of legs with telescoping frames connected by a support bar. The legs typically have a range of height between 24″ and 55″, and are rated to bear between 200-350lbs. “Stages” of the telescoping frame are guided by motors, each of which have separate implications. More stages will enable a higher desk setting, but have more points at which an error could occur. Similarly, more motors means smoother and sturdier extension as well as more opportunities for a component to fail. Standing desk base shape should also be taken into considerations – “T” legs allow work from both sides of the desk, while “C” legs do not.

Regardless of the stages, motors and base configuration, adjustable height desks are operated with a control panel. This control panel dictates which side of the desk is the working side, and comes in a variety of configurations. Pneumatic controls are typically levers or cranks which, when activated, raise or lower the work surface. Electrical control panels most often have buttons to raise and lower, as well as an LED height display. Higher end electric control panels have programmable memory settings for an individuals optimal positions.

Adjustable Height Work Surfaces

Your choice of adjustable height base constrains which work surface you can use. Each base has a range of work surface sizes it can support. Some shapes and configurations are too unwieldy for mounting on a moving base. However, beyond most sizes of rectangular desks, adjustable height L-desk variations are available.

Since adjustable height work surfaces are dynamic, it’s harder find organizational implements for them. Specialty storage has been developed to bring your CPU or file cabinet up and down with the motion of the work surface. Similarly, mounted cable management is available to tidy up access to power and data. Finally, you can mount modesty panels above the work surface to imbue the workspace with an element of privacy.

Thanks for Reading!

We hope this has proven useful in determining whether buying the best standing desk is, in fact, the best option for your office. If it is, you can tell us about your project here, or check out a selection of adjustable height idea starters.

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