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Car Dealership Office Cubicle Design & Reconfiguration

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Responding to growth can eat up any business’ cash flow, which is an issue if that growth means more people need a place to work. We’ve found that making effective use of existing furniture assets often extends beyond their “useful life”. The growth we mentioned often poses the opportunity to find new purpose for that existing furniture. And, just as it did for this business, finding new purpose will often save quite a bit. The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the opportunity to work with the general manager of a car dealership in Cleveland, TN on reconfiguring their existing office cubicle design & office spaces.


The Space

The dealership has a number of offices on the showroom floor, office space connected to the showroom, as well as a large upstairs area used for storage and meeting space. In order to accommodate a growing number of employees, the large upstairs area would partially transition from storage to workspace. Lower visibility upstairs made the use of existing cubicles from the offices connected to the showroom a viable, cost-effective option. Additionally, it allowed for greater investment in the more visible offices connected to and on the showroom floor.

office cubicle design

The People

The dealership’s administrative functions work downstairs in the offices connected to the showroom. In this particular space, copious storage capacity is a must-have. The original layout positioned two 6′ x 6′ cubicle workstations on either side of a double-wide row of lateral file cabinets. The need for storage was met, but the space left for workstations needed to be used more efficiently.

The general manager and his assistant occupy an office on the showroom floor. Previously, the space had an L-shaped desk mounted on the wall opposite the door, and a table against the other corner. This layout presented two problems. First, neither occupant had sufficient space for work surface or storage. Second, visitors often had to approach the general manager from behind due to the desk’s orientation. This isn’t just a little awkward – sitting with your back to a door will subconsciously stress you out.

office cubicle design


Reconfiguration of Office Cubicle Design

Since the installation took place during operating hours, we employed the divide-and-conquer strategy to minimize the team’s foot traffic and clutter. First, one team disassembled the existing cubicles in the downstairs offices connected to the showroom, while the other team unloaded and staged the new product. Next, one team reconfigured the old cubicles for use upstairs. At the same time, our other team installed new cubicles in the downstairs office.

office cubicle design

New Furniture in Showroom Offices

The general manager’s office is now outfitted with a u-group workstation in contemporary grey finish. The bullet-top desk features a post-leg support, which allows more floor space & leg room on all sides. The desk wraps around to the credenza topped with task-lit tackboard underneath an overhead storage hutch. A file center underneath the credenza and full-height storage cabinet add a significantly greater amount of storage space. Reorienting the desk also increased the space available to the assistant (and, bonus, follows basic office feng shui).

Our team replaced the existing 6′ x 6′ downstairs cubicles with new 7′ x 5′ workstations. The six cubicles are arranged in a pod – meaning they share a common wall of 67″ tall panels with a partition between each workstation. The panels mount curved, cherry-finished work surfaces, a task-lit tackboard, and locking storage components above and beneath. Each cubicle has two overhead flipper drawers and dual pedestal file cabinets. The new office cubicle design allowed for an additional two workstations without sacrificing cubicle features, work area or freestanding storage.

office cubicle design


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