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Our experienced office chair repair technicians can put chairs, cubicle panels, file cabinets, and more back into good use.

MyChairDoctor® can save your seating! OFW’s office chair repair and reupholstery division is dedicated to reconditioning quality office chairs to keep them operational in the workplace.

MyChairDoctor® can recycle your chair graveyard, either refurbishing the chair or salvaging all useable parts.

Chair Reupholstery​

A deep selection of upholstery options is available for task seating, hospitality and healthcare applications. We also cater to those who already have a fabric selected.

Chair Repair

Our office chair repair shop can service a wide breadth of major manufacturers for a fraction of the cost to replace your office chairs.

Chair & Cubicle Cleaning

Our process utilizes a non-toxic solution that is deployed and immediately vacuumed up along with residual office filth.

MyChairDoctor® can often recondition a chair for about 20% of its original cost.

MyChairDoctor® FAQs

Remanufactured seating from Office Furniture Works, LLC / MyChairDoctor® is warranted against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for 90 days from the original date of purchase.

New chair components from Office Furniture Works, LLC / MyChairDoctor® are warranted against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for two years (standard) or five years (optional) from the original date of purchase. The warranty obligation is limited to replacement of any defective parts or components.

The warranty of this product is null and void if the product is subject to negligence, abuse, misuse or modification. Normal usage is defined as limited to a 40-hour workweek by persons weighing 250 pounds or less. This warranty applies only to the product; Office Furniture Works, LLC / MyChairDoctor® is not responsible in any way for loss, inconvenience or any other special damages caused by any defect. This warranty is the only warranty applicable on all MyChairDoctor® products.

If you choose to have our technicians dispose of your seating, you can be confident that 97% of that seating (by weight) will be reused or recycled. The remanufacturing route conserves over 50% of the energy consumed and reduces the carbon emissions by over 50% compared to new manufacturing as measured by the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Remanufactured seating qualifies for LEED points in the following categories:

  • EQ 4.5: Systems Furniture & Seating
  • MR 3.1,3.2,3.3 – Resource Re-use: 30% Furniture & Furnishings
  • MR 4.1,4.2 – Recycled Content: 20% (post con. + 1/2 pre-consumer)
  • MR 5.1, 5.2 – Regional Materials: 20% manufactured Locally 10% / extracted & manufactured locally

Whatever your chair repair needs may be, you’ll be furthering our landfill reduction initiative by keeping that chair out of the landfill and foregoing the resources required to manufacture a new chair. Learn more about how we’re trying to multiply the effects of this sustainable practice!

Most office chair parts can be replaced and repaired, including:

  • Office Chair Lift
  • Office Chair Armrest
  • Office Chair Base
  • Office Chair Seat Replacement
  • Office Chair Replacement Wheels
  • Big and Tall Office Chair Conversion

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