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Premier Medical Group’s Clarksville, TN Headquarters

Premier Medical Group is a multi-speciality practice for primary care that promotes the ease of referring, access, and convenience to all the services the group offers. The Office Furniture Works team recently had the opportunity to work with Premier Medical Group on procuring a used cubicle inventory and coordinating the Clarksville office furniture installation in their brand new building on their main campus.


The Space

Premier Medical Group is expanding into a newly constructed facility adjacent to their existing medical office building in Clarksville, TN. The new location houses both clinical space on the first and second floor and additional administrative space on the second floor. The Office Furniture Works team helped to furnish workstations on the second floor for administrative and support functions.

The People

Premier’s new workstations are occupied by essential support functions that include patient scheduling, billing, medical coders, etc.


Clarksville Office Furniture Installation

Since the workspace is new construction, a remote installation was simple to coordinate. While we’re no stranger to working around people working, an out-of-town installation can often be too timely when we don’t have full access to the new space. We’ve published this nugget in our cubicle guide, but it bears reiterating – furniture should only be installed in spaces that are “substantially complete”. Put simply, we tried to schedule the Clarksville office furniture installation last in Premier’s process, so other contractors didn’t have to step over our work (literally). We still coordinated with other contractors’ schedules (flooring, paint, low voltage, etc.) to ensure our pace was on, but furniture is generally the finishing touch. One of our teams traveled from Chattanooga to Clarksville on two separate occasions for short overnight stays to execute the installation.

Used Cubicle Inventory

Our discussion with Premier Medical Group’s Chief Financial Administrator gave us direction on balancing individual workspace criteria and budget guidance. By dipping into our network of furniture dealers, we were able to source a used cubicle inventory to accommodate the needs of administrative and support staff. This not only significantly reduced the amount spent on workstations, but cut the lead time down to a quick jaunt from Chattanooga to North Georgia as well.

The cubicles themselves are a combination of fixed and adjustable height workstations in three sizes. The first are 2′ x 5′ workstations often referred to as “telemarketing cubicles”. The 6′ x 6′ cubicles alternate between static and sit-stand work surfaces. Finally, four 8′ x 8′ cubicles house supervisors. These types of cubicle panels are constructed of steel frames, which are then covered by inserts. This particular system has a fiberglass insert underneath the upholstered insert to minimize acoustic travel.


“Of course our staff is thrilled to have moved into a brand new building, and part of that excitement includes the new work stations for the business services departments,” says Missy Liverett, Chief Financial Administrator for Premier. “The cubicles give our staff added workspace, promote efficient workflow and provide more options as they work. The sit to stand desks are extremely popular and seem to be energizing our team in the afternoons!”

“We were pleased with the options presented by Office Furniture Works, and that they were able to meet our needs while sticking to budget.”

Thanks for Reading!

Workplace solutions should be approached from a value standpoint.

Procuring a used cubicle inventory and coordinating the Clarksville office furniture installation, albeit all the way from Chattanooga, proved to be the most cost-effective option for Premier Medical Group. While the same may not be true for your situation, it couldn’t hurt to explore another option. Want to have a frank conversation about what will work for your workspace?

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