Westmore Church of God

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The Westmore Church of God is an intergenerational ministry dedicated to reaching people for Christ locally, regionally and internationally – celebrating 50 years of assembly in 2018. Office Furniture Works team recently had the opportunity to help the Westmore Church of God coordinate the expansion of offices for their leadership with a Cleveland office furniture installation.


The Space

Westmore is building a 53,000 sq. ft. ministry center, and needed to move their leadership’s office space closer to the new site. They acquired a residential parcel in Cleveland up the street from their project under construction, and the Office Furniture Works team would be furnishing two reception areas, six offices, a supply room and conference room in the new office space.

The People

The new space is home to Westmore’s Pastors, Minister of Discipleship and their Ministry Assistants.

“We had been in our old space for many, many years – our goal was to increase everyone’s ability to do their work with a more functional, efficient layout.”
– Mark McCord, Executive Pastor


Reception Stations

In Westmore’s new workspace, the main entrance on the top floor opens up to reception areas partitioned by a fireplace wall. Each of the areas, as well as a third office, are outfitted with transaction-top reception desks. Westmore’s ministry reaches beyond the pulpit – so, there are a number of parishioners and community members coming by on any given day. Each reception station is comprised of an L-shaped desk with dual pedestal file cabinet storage and a transaction-top counter. The transaction-top facilitates a less awkward interaction when sharing information or directing guests, and provides a visual cue of a welcoming environment.

Office Desk Configurations

Private offices occupy either side of the open reception areas by the main entrances on the top floor, as well as space on the lower level. We furnished six of ten offices, moving some of the staff’s personal furniture to the remaining spaces. Because the workspace was built as a residential parcel, the private offices furniture needs to occupy a minimal footprint. So, only one office on the lower level has an L-shaped desk. We achieved a balance between storage, workspace and circulation by outfitting each upstairs office with a bow-front desk and bookcases. This affords the pastoral staff space to work, store their work and personal materials, as well as conduct small private meetings without feeling cramped.

Conference Room

An entrance in the rear and stairs on either side of the front reception spaces lead to the lower level, which is occupied by two private offices, a supply room, and the boardroom. The majority of Westmore’s leadership works in this space, but there are even more staff that work remotely or at the youth complex. So, they needed a space where the entire team could convene. The boardroom is outfitted with an 18′ veneer conference table, sixteen conference chairs, storage cabinets, bookcases and a mounted TV monitor. The space can accommodate a variety of purposes – full staff meetings, breakfast with parishioners, bible study and more.


“Office Furniture Works offered Westmore a design and layout that met our needs, was within our budget, and provided for maximum efficiency. They were great partners in the transition to our new office.” – Mark McCord, Executive Pastor

Thanks for Reading!

We’d like to extend our most gracious thanks to Westmore Church of God for the opportunity, and want to pose a question to you. We’re here to make your workspace work as hard as you do (no matter what line of work you’re in). You’ve read this far and, unless you just really love us, you probably have something on the brain. So, what could be made more effective in your office?