Conference Chairs Idea Starters

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Traditional Conference Chairs

Find modern renditions of tried-and-true conference chair staples. Traditional conference chairs are most often characterized by fixed arms and fewer ergonomic adjustments than for a dedicated workstation. You can, however, expect tilt and swivel functions for slight bounce and mobility.

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Training Room Chairs

Discover flexible solutions for collaborative spaces with a selection of mobile and nesting training room chairs. Training room chairs leverage mobility and storage functions to make meeting spaces more versatile. Training room chairs often also have mobile casters to make reconfiguring multipurpose spaces easy.

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Executive Conference Chairs

Find a solution that gives your boardroom impressive presence and keeps your occupants comfortable. Executive conference chairs are fundamentally similar to a basic conference chair, but are typically heavier-duty, high-back and leather-upholstered. We’ve included modern mesh options in addition to the old school.

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