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Chattanooga Allergy Clinic’s New Location

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The physicians and staff of Chattanooga Allergy Clinic are committed to being the regional leader for quality allergy and asthma care: delivering outstanding care in comfortable, attractive, state of the art facilities & providing referring physicians with responsiveness, professionalism, and reliability. The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the privelege to work with Chattanooga Allergy Clinic as they undertook the move to a new facility in Chattanooga, furnishing the administrative space and common areas of the new workplace in addition to providing relocation services for existing exam room furniture.


The Space: the new building had been previously occupied by a restaurant, and the space was completely renovated to be made suitable for use by healthcare providers. We’re no stranger to coordinating with contractor schedules and making special preparations to keep the newly finished facility pristine – all it takes is proactivity and communication. The workspaces we would be furnishing included a wall mount workstation area, patient reception seating, private offices surrounding a group of cubicle workstations, and the employee break room.

The People: when we’re creating work environments, we focus on the experience of the end user – when we’re helping to get a new healthcare facility ready for opening day, we have a wide selection of end-user and patient needs to consider in addition to the overarching goal of promoting wellness during the delivery of healthcare services. There are patients and visitors, who need an area that’s comfortable, attractive & sanitary as well as durable enough to stand up to high traffic throughout the day. The other common areas (break room and conference room) would host a combination of the administrative and clinical staff at one point or another, so our paramount consideration was using the space as effectively as possible such that everyone could be comfortable. The administrative area carried the same consideration for space usage, keeping the flow among the cubicle workstations and surrounding private administrative offices open and uncluttered. The final area would be home to high productivity – the clinic’s epicenter of scheduling, insurance & provider liaisons.

We needed to create a work environment to promote occupants’ wellness, emphasizing comfort and durability while keeping the newly finished space as open as possible.



Break Room

For the employee break room tables and chairs: stacking chairs with a flexible chrome frame to match the base of the tables & table tops picked to complement the finish of the break room casework. The slight profile of stacking chairs, combined with the “x” bases on the tables, allows space for six to be seated comfortably at each table and easy reconfiguration for larger groups. The counter with additional seating doubles as a serving buffet when the seating is stacked neatly out of the way.

Conference Room

Administrative Offices

Flexible Workstations

The workstations in the scheduling area needed to make efficient use of all the square footage, comfortably accommodate four, and include a degree of flexibility for possible additions. The workstations are located such that corresponding with the front desk or getting to file storage is efficient, and the occupants’ frequent movement made accessibility a major concern. These modular, wall hung workstations are a simple yet robust solution to minimizing the workstations’ footprint: mounted tracks hold cantilever work surface supports, with pedestal file cabinet storage below and overhead storage cabinets above tack board surfaces.

Cubicle Workstations

This group of cubicles is home to the billing department – staff that spends a significant amount of time at individual workstations and must pay strict attention to detail. In a space originally planned for 6, we alternated the work surface orientations to fit 8. Creating two corridors, one in the middle and one between the outer wall of the workstations and private offices, expanded the capacity of the space while retaining ample work surface and storage space for individual workstations. Workspaces that balance focus and collaboration? Awesome. Cubicle workstations comparable to and compatible with AO2 systems? Even better.

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At Office Furniture Warehouse, we want to be healthcare providers’ one-stop shop for creating work spaces that reflect the care people receive there. Wondering how your workplace could better prioritize wellness?