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Sit-Stand Workstations for CPD

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The Chattanooga Police Department has, in one form or another, served our community since the 1850s. In addition to 24/7 emergency response, staffing a neighborhood policing department with over 200 patrol officers & publishing public information updates, the CPD provides a variety of outreach programs aimed at engaging citizens and promoting positive relations between department and community. The Office Furniture Works team recently had the privilege of working with the City of Chattanooga to furnish a group of ergonomic sit-stand workstations for officers and staff of the CPD.


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The Space

 The space in question is outfitted with a raised floor system and guard rails creating a tiered workstation area, with private window offices opposite the partitioned entryway that is home to a small reception area. We would be replacing the temporary workstations pictured and furnishing a group of transitional workstations.

The People

 The space would be home to a group of CPD officers that required a significant amount of accessibility and integration in terms of technology. The end-users would be spending long days at the workstations, meaning ergonomic comfort was also a high priority.

We needed to create a workstation area for Chattanooga’s finest on the forefront of ergonomics and technological integration.

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Sit-Stand Workstations

To address workstation ergonomics and integration, we used electric sit-stand workstations with articulating keyboard/mouse tray and dual monitor mounts. Providing a standing desk option can help avoid back strain due to prolonged periods of sitting, ergonomic keyboards prevent the development of carpal tunnel during repetitive workstation tasks, and dynamic monitor holders help alleviate eye strain from improper viewing angles. A pedestal CPU holder underneath the desk further aids in keeping workstation tech tidy, and mobile filing cabinets are an ideal option for storage in a flexible workstation area.

Freestanding Desks

Plain and simple, tried and true. 30″ x 60″ freestanding desks in cherry finish to match the sit-stand workstations, equipped with single pedestal locking file cabinets. These desks were used for the reception area, private offices, and a group of desks overlooking the building entrance.


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