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Cubicle Installation & Office Move

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We know we can’t win them all, but we also know how to collaborate.

Many large organizations with locations in the Southeast have national contracts with furniture distributors. Maintaining quality assurance during remote fulfillment can be difficult. Office Furniture Warehouse has built relationships with distributors over the last decade by providing delivery, installation & other office furniture services. The relationships help close the loop on those national networks, saving resources for oversight and fulfillment for all parties. Through one of these relationships, the Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had an opportunity to work with a Chattanooga satellite of a global engineering firm on a cubicle installation and office move to their new facility.


cubicle installation | office moves | move offices

The Space

Software engineering is one of the fastest growing professions today, and this firm is no exception. The previous space was not conducive to team members’ accessibility to one another. So, in order to promote collaboration, the firm secured a new space in a shared commercial building. The new workspace consists of a large, open-plan workstation area, adjoining break room, and a number of private conference rooms. To complete this project, we provided fulfillment services for the firm’s furniture distributor and office move services for the firm’s local office.

The People

The engineering firm’s Chattanooga office houses software engineers that develop digital products and provide technical support. The software development industry embraces the “Agile” principles. In “Agile” development, requirements and solutions evolve through the concerted efforts of self-organizing teams in a matrix structure. These environments require frequent collaboration and constant accountability to your peers.


Open-Plan Cubicle Installation

Practitioners of Agile development have come up with arrangements for office space that embodies the principles. The idea behind the “Agile workplace” is to give workers back their space and allow them to work where they feel most comfortable. Common manifestations of this concept are open-plan layouts – high accessibility with flexible options for workspace. In this arrangement, 8×8 cubicle workstations are arranged in pods of four with an open space at the center of each pod. In the proximity of others working on the same project, occupants can focus and work individually with team members still easily accessible to bounce ideas off of and collaborate.

cubicle installation | office moves

Office Move

Providing office move services for the local office (versus through the firm’s furniture distributor) makes the project easier on all ends. The receiving & cubicle installation services for the furniture distributor fulfilled their contract provisions with the engineering firm, but coordinating a minor office move from across the country wasn’t cost-effective. Since our team was already familiar with the project, our office move services were utilized separate from the furniture contract. The contract didn’t have to be amended, local oversight was less costly, and the client’s workspace is ready to work hard.

cubicle installation | office moves


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