dalton office furniture installation

Dalton Office Furniture Installation for Adhesives Manufacturer

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The Office Furniture Works team recently had the opportunity to work with a plant manager from an adhesives manufacturing facility on a Dalton office furniture installation at their new location – check out the video case study here!


The Space

The adhesives manufacturer recently expanded their plant operations to a new 44,000 sq. ft. facility in Dalton, GA. While production at the new location got up and running quickly, the plant management remained in makeshift offices. When we asked the plant manager about the makeshift spaces (which our marketing team had not seen), he responded, “I will not tell you. It was bad.” The Office Furniture Works team would be furnishing private offices for the managerial team and a break room environment.

The People

The three private offices would be occupied by four members of the managerial team: plant, production, purchasing and engineering managers. The break room is designated for use by the entire plant staff.


Dalton Office Furniture Installation

Our team took a truck and sprinter van on a quick southbound jaunt to complete the Dalton office furniture installation. Since the new location is a working warehouse, our technicians brought all the necessary PPE to be in compliance with safety regulations. We unloaded at the plant entrance closest to the office space, staged the project, then moved the vehicles to leave the regular workflow unobstructed.

dalton office furniture installation

Private Office Furniture

The plant and production managers’ offices each have a standard u-group desk styled and configured to the individuals’ preference. Since there are only three offices, the purchasing and engineering managers share a relatively small office space. In order to provide sufficient workspace and privacy in this workspace, we oriented two l-shaped desks against each other in the center of the room. Each desk is outfitted with a hutch that partitions the occupants, and a 4-drawer lateral file that separates each desk’s guest space.

dalton office furniture installation

Break Room Furniture

The break room is now home to a simple arrangement of six circular break room tables with accompanying break room chairs. While this isn’t the most exciting space to look at, it represents a significant upgrade for the plant staff in Dalton. Think about the last objectively uncool update in your office space – be it new furniture, equipment or a fresh coat of paint, we’d bet dollars to donuts you were pumped.

dalton office furniture installation

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Workplace solutions should be approached from a value standpoint.

Coordinating the Dalton office furniture installation, albeit all the way from Chattanooga, proved to be the most cost-effective option for this manufacturer. While the same may not be true for your situation, it couldn’t hurt to explore another option. Want to have a frank conversation about what will work for your workspace? Tell us about your project, or watch the full case study!