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Engineering Cubicles for Chattem Chemicals, Inc.

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Chattem Chemicals, Inc. manufactures a variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients and performance chemicals used in consumer and industrial markets. The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the opportunity to work with an engineering manager at Chattem on furnishing an office of engineering cubicles at one of their plant locations in South Chattanooga.


The Space

The offices at this plant location were consolidated in one building, “and we shared one break room about the size of this space” said Brad, the engineering manager, as he motioned to the empty office. So, with plans to renovate, they needed interim space for the engineering department. The Office Furniture Warehouse team would be furnishing a system of engineering cubicles and private office.

The People

Eight engineers and an engineering manager are moving to the semi-permanent space.  The small outbuilding has roughly 270° windows and a kitchenette. The area has stunning natural light and localized employee amenities.

engineering cubicles | engineers cubicle | engineer cubicles | cubicles for sale near me


Private Office Furniture

The engineering manager’s office is outfitted with an executive u group desk. The desk features plenty of storage and a contrasting maple work surface – a unique feature of Trendway® products. Both desk and credenza have a file cabinet underneath, and the desk return has a pencil drawer. A storage hutch sits on the credenza with tack board and task light underneath the overhead cabinets. Trendway® products also feature a modicum of modularity, so the storage tower sits flush with the desk set. The storage tower has a closed shelf that sits atop a third file cabinet next to a full-length wardrobe.

In the area outside the office and workstations, a kitchenette counter is complemented by a café table and chairs.

Engineering Cubicles

The engineers’ workstations are 5′ x 5′ multi-height cubicles. We used both 36″ and 66″ panels. 42″ of the taller, segmented panels are covered by acoustic fabric, and the last 24″ is a glass window. The shorter, monolithic panels are covered by acoustic fabric. Each cubicle has a curved work surface mounted on two locking file cabinets. The work surface has grommets to manage electrical access for the two outlets wired to each workstation. Charcoal trim and metal components complement the light grey work surface and panel fabric.

The engineering cubicles are arranged wall-to-wall in three sections – two workstations on either side of the central cluster. The arrangement is against an outer wall of the office, forming an aisle between the office and cubicles. 66″ panels on the aisle create a visual and acoustic barrier, while 36″ panels against the outer wall make the most of the space’s natural lighting and budget dollars. There’s no sense in placing a window in front of the window, so we used shorter, less expensive panels.


“Carl Hames did a very good job of proposing ideas, offering solutions, and providing installation oversight for our project. Scope creep was not a consideration as enough planning and thought was put into the front end to ensure that that we received exactly what was requested and at the price that had been agreed upon.  Overall, we were very pleased with Carl and the Office Furniture Warehouse team.”
– Jason Allen, Chattem Engineering Manager

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We want you to know these engineering cubicles aren’t just a cut-out.

What’s in a workstation? We’ve found that it boils down to unique factors for each business. While a “custom solution” sounds cool, all we did was help this engineering department arrive at a solution that met their objectives. Our team is seasoned in the process of creating work spaces that work as hard as you do. We’re here for you from design to delivery. Want to explore the possibilities for your own office?