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The Project

We had the pleasure of working with Henderson, Hutcherson & McCullough, PLLC, Chattanoooga’s largest locally-owned CPA firm. They asked us to reconfigure a workspace home to six CPAs with ergonomic, adjustable height workstations.

The Space 

HHM’s offices are located in the beautifully restored Freight Depot building in downtown Chattanooga – a historic landmark that has remained home to small businesses since the 19th century. The focus of our project was a partitioned workspace in the center of the building that’s surrounded by private offices and conference rooms.

The People

The specified workspace is home to CPAs who spend most of their days at their dedicated workstations. The area can also accommodate 70-100 passersby per day.

“The space wasn’t as functional as we knew it could be. Our team works hard, and we want their time at the office to be enjoyable and comfortable”
– Donnie Hutcherson, Managing Partner

Objectives & Challenges

Workspace Accessibility

The workspace and timing of installation had a few logistical challenges, but nothing our technicians couldn’t handle. The area had uniquely graded floors and tight spaces around the entrance and exit. Installation was also planned for the end of January – a.k.a. the beginning of tax season. In accounting world, this is game time – the busiest season of the year. The open layout didn’t lend itself to acoustical privacy, so we knew we needed to minimize displacement and disruption of the employees in this area and adjacent areas.


Accountants crunch numbers and log data from the time they clock-in to when they to go home, which means long, desk-bound days. Sitting all day at a desk can cause major neck and back strain, and HHM wanted to give their CPAs a more ergonomic solution.


Our goal was clear: maximize the ergonomic functionality of the workspace while maintaining practicality for the affected CPAs and the rest of the office. Here’s what we came up with:

Open Plan L-Desks

The workspace is home to six CPAs where each workstation needed to house a computer, monitors, and desk supplies while offering additional surface space for spreading out paperwork.

We created an open layout with L-shape adjustable height workstations alternating left and right to line the walls of the workspace. This design concealed cables and maximized the real estate within the space and provided sufficient room for individuals to work while creating a flow for traffic that wouldn’t cause bottlenecks and interruptions.

Adjustable Height Workstations with Programmable Memory

To relieve and prevent strain of desk-bound professionals, we installed ergonomic sit-stand workstations. These desks offer customizable presets, so with the touch of a button each user can have their desk at the perfect height. If they want to sit, they have a preset for that. If they want to stand (in flat shoes or heels), they have a preset for that. It doesn’t hurt that each workstation also comes with a remote.

The variable desk height and memory settings offer an additional degree of comfort for the user on a daily basis. Over time, the incremental reduction of strain has the potential to improve the overall work experience and well-being of the user.


“The quality of work life for our CPAs has improved. I’m pleased Office Furniture Warehouse was able to bring a customizable approach to their design, so that our employees have more flexibility at their workstation.”
– Donnie Hutcherson, Managing Partner

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