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Bradley County Probation | Office Furniture Installation

Bradley County is a beautiful, historic area with a local government committed to providing a safe, clean and progressive community for its citizens through the development and implementation of effective programs which are managed with the highest degree of efficiency. The Office Furniture Works team recently had the opportunity to work with the county to complete an office furniture installation of the probation offices in Bradley County’s judicial center.


The Space

The recently constructed space is part of the judicial complex, where our team tagged in as soon as the finish contractors’ work was complete. The work space is the “first stop” at the judicial complex. This streamlines processing when judgements are handed down. There’s a reception area where people can complete requisite paperwork, be processed, etc. Then, there are two open spaces designated primarily for staff use (in addition to a handful of partitioned rooms). Office Furniture Works would be completing an office furniture installation for a group of workstations and a multipurpose meeting room space.

The People

The new workspace would be home to Bradley County’s misdemeanor probation office. The probation officers needed a secure but open space in which they could transition from administrative work to meetings. The entire staff would be utilizing the meeting room space with dual purpose. The office needed a space to conduct staff meetings, as well as a place to conduct DUI classes – scenarios which require different furniture configurations.

Before: open workspace, private office & meeting room

Our goal was to complete an efficient office furniture installation with versatility built in to both the individuals’ workstations and conference room space.


Open Plan Workspace

The main open space is now occupied by the probation officers’ workstations. A day’s work in this space will generally transition between meetings with assigned offenders and the administrative work that follows. Thus, probation officers need their workspace to be very versatile. These L-desk setups include both overhead and file cabinet storage, a mounted tack board, articulating keyboard tray & ergonomic floor mat. The arrangement allows both a degree of flexibility and privacy. While the open plan layout makes each workstation very accessible, the overhead storage provides some visual / acoustic privacy for one-on-one meetings and focus work.

Multipurpose Conference Room

The meeting space needed to accommodate both the probation office staff for closed meetings, and DUI offenders for court-ordered classes. The law dictates that no more than (24) students can attend a DUI class at one time. Standard practice dictates that no one person should be placed in a “position of power” during the class. A traditional conference table, while ideal for the staff meeting, will always have a “head of the table”. So, we went with six square office tables. While round tables are usually the go-to for collaborative settings, the square tables’ equilateral shape has no “head”. The configuration of tables can accommodate the maximum of students, and are easily reconfigured into one large conference table for staff meetings.


Do you have an office furniture installation project, or a workspace that just doesn’t work as hard as you do?

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