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Office Furniture Rental & Workplace Expansion

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What’s the trick to managing long-term transitions? The Office Furniture Warehouse team worked with a regional transportation management company over the past 18 months to coordinate a workplace expansion and office furniture rental at their Tennessee office.


The Space

The company’s main space is on the third floor of an office building in the eastern part of greater Chattanooga. In 2017, they were awarded a contract in another state. They needed to expand, and made the decision to do so in their building when a tenant on the fifth floor announced intent to vacate. However, the time it would take to negotiate a new lease, renovate & transition created the need for a temporary workspace reconfiguration.

The People

The representatives in the workspace coordinate rides to doctor appointments for disabled and elderly patrons around the clock. This expansion would end up adding roughly 90 cubicle workstations, a boardroom, a break room & two private offices to the newly acquired space. To accommodate the addition of employees during the renovation of the fifth floor, the company leased temporary space on the first floor of the office building.


Temporary Office Furniture Rental

Between the lease negotiations & finish schedule, the company was looking at an interim of nearly a whole year. In May of 2017, we delivered an assortment of training tables to their temporary space on the first floor. The temporary workspace office furniture rental housed a combination of about 40 call center representatives and managers. We configured the training tables in rows around the space’s electrical access.

office furniture rental | workplace expansion

Partial Purchase of Cubicles

The interim period ended up taking too long to keep their employees in the temporary table solution. Around October 2017, the company made the decision to partially purchase the office furniture that would accompany them to their new workspace. This helped spread out expenses preceding what one could anticipate to be a rough year.

We installed 48 call center cubicles on the first floor in November 2017. As part of this expansion, the company wanted to make the move to shorter cubicle panels. The purpose of diverging from the workplace strategy in their other offices was to decrease noise within individual cubicles and increase visibility. By moving to 2′ x 4′ workstations, we were able to increase number of workstations by 10% and get the ball rolling on the workplace expansion.

office furniture rental | workplace expansion

Phased Workplace Expansion

Once the fifth floor was substantially complete, we planned a two-phase installation. During the first phase, we installed 50 cubicles, two offices, a break room and boardroom on the fifth floor. After our installation, we relocated employees from the temporary space on the first floor to the fifth floor.

Once the employees were situated on the fifth floor, we returned to complete the second phase of our installation. After disassembling the cubicles in the first floor temporary space, we moved them up to the fifth floor. Then, we integrated the cubicles purchased earlier into the final layout.

office furniture rental | workplace expansion


At Office Furniture Warehouse, we’re striving to be businesses’ one-stop shop for responding to the challenges posed by growth, change & relocation. Do you have a workspace that isn’t working as hard as you are?