What Is Empower Chattanooga?

Empower Chattanooga is a program coordinated by our friends at green|spaces. It's aimed at distributing energy savings kits & educations, edifying low-income residents of select areas with low- and no-cost ways to reduce monthly utility expenses. The areas covered by the program (East Chattanooga, East Lake & Highland Park) were found to expend approximately 43% more energy than average households in Chattanooga.

Partnership with Empower Chattanooga

Office Furniture Warehouse has enjoyed success by leveraging our core competencies to serve the needs of our customers. We've endeavored to reciprocate that success by doing the same thing with organizations serving the needs of our community. We work closely with green|spaces, and Empower Chattanooga is already doing great work in the arena of energy savings.

How Does It Work?

"Green" is somewhat inherent to used office furniture - by extending it's useful life, it's kept out of the landfill. By contributing the value of an energy savings kit/education to Empower Chattanooga for each pre-owned or refurbished chair sold over $100, our support of Empower Chattanooga is aimed at multiplying the effects of local sustainability efforts.

What Can I Do?

There are three simple ways to reduce the impact of landfill waste and increase local energy savings with Office Furniture Warehouse and Empower Chattanooga. First, you can volunteer your time. Second, you can contribute directly to the program. Finally, you can explore options for office chairs with a three-fold benefit. You'll be saving money, reducing landfill waste, and contributing to energy savings educations from Chattanooga. Sound good?

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