Office Furniture Leasing

Take it from a small business - preserving capital is crucial, and growth doesn't make it easy. That's why we've developed an office furniture leasing program - to help other small businesses find solutions that support their growth. Office Furniture Warehouse is proud to offer

  • plans for both new and pre-owned furniture
  • competitive rates for qualified customers
  • delayed or no-interest payments for eligible applicants

Easier and quicker than a traditional bank loan, get same-day credit approval with no financials up to $200,000.

Learn More About Financed Project Solutions

Bundle your total furniture budget under one affordable payment - that includes workspace, partitions, sound masking, installation, art, accessories and any other soft costs associated with your workspace. If you'll tell us a bit about your project, budget and how to get in touch, we'll estimate a monthly payment to help you find the most effective course of action.

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