Office Signage & Wayfinding Services

You know what's an unpleasant feeling? Being lost in an office building. Branded signage helps present your business at it's best, makes buildings more navigable and can keep you in compliance.

Don't Break the bank at the fabricator for every little change.

Office Furniture Warehouse' office signage systems are customizable to the needs and aesthetic of your business, as well as easily edited and replaced. Eliminate the need for a map (or make a cool one) with wayfinding consultation for complex facilities.
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Social Distancing Signage

With rapidly changing information, you need a sign system that can respond quickly and clearly.

Remind occupants and visitors to maintain a safe distance from each other, provide up-to-the-minute informational notices and get people where they're going with an array of freestanding, interchangeable and directional signage.


Modular Sign Systems

Fine detail in a clean, sophisticated presentation.

Flat panels with changeable inserts that subtly let visitors and employees alike know that you’re a professional organization that sweats the details. Frameless baseplate holds front-loading, removable copy inserts, creating an efficient choice for corporate environments large and small.


Office Directional Signage

Freestanding, interchangeable and fixed signage options for directing visitors throughout your workspace.

Create your own custom look from combinations of three basic components and send the right message about you and your facility, engaging visitors and directing them to their intended location.