Private Office Furniture

Discover solutions for creating an effective private office through task chairs and desks from Office Furniture Warehouse! Private offices allow you have confidentiality and can be fully customizable to suit your unique needs. When choosing the ideal desk for your private office you will need to consider worksurface, supports and accessories to fit efficiently in your space. Since you will spend the majority of your time sitting down, choosing a good task chair is extremely important to maintain good health. When looking at various task chairs you should think about the aesthetic of your office, weight capacity and frame finishes. Take a look at some of private office furniture success stories in our selection of project profiles. Not sure where to start? Check our our task chairs buyer's guide and our office desks buyer's guide for a starting point.


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Private Office Furniture by Category

Office Desks

See options from hot-desks to executive suites!

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Task Chairs

See options for ergonomic seating!

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Guest Chairs

View seating options to keep visitors comfortable!
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Office Partitions

See options for office partitions and dividers!

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Private Office Furniture by Product

Private Office Furniture Project Profiles

See for yourself how we're bringing customized solutions to the table, how we're executing our projects and what our clients say about us.

Task Chair Buyer's Guide

Not sure where to start on seating? Give our task chair buyer’s guide a once-over to educate and inspire. We examine the benefits of having a proper posture and the different components of task chairs. Learn more here!

Why & How to Invest in an Ergonomic Seating Upgrade
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Office Desk Buyer's Guide

Unsure about where to begin with office desks? Give our office desk buyer’s guide a once-over to educate and inspire. We examine office desk styles, shapes, sizes and configurations. Learn more here!

Why & How to Invest in Highly Effective Office Desks
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