Shop Office Furniture Warehouse’ selection of adjustable height tables for solutions to a dynamic workspace. Sit-to-stand desks are ideal for the modern office and ever changing office. Standing straight up while working allows for a better posture to help with back pain and also helps you stay more focused on the tasks at hand.

Sit-to-stand options are known to reduce strain and boost users’ comfort, resulting in higher levels of performance. Designed for ergonomics, ideal in a workstation or hot-desk setting. Adjustable height tables arm your employees with options for their preferred working position. Sit-to-stand desks include electronic adjustable height bases and programmable memory settings.

Whatever you find to be the most effective solution for your workspace, know that Office Furniture Warehouse is here to support you where it counts. We’re here to make your workspace work as hard as you do – so, tell us about your project!

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