We categorize systems furniture solutions into cubicles, benching and modular office partitions.

Cubicles are meant for open workspaces, and are primarily concerned with cost-effective densification. Discover solutions for optimal individual workstations using our cubicle buyer’s guide as a resource to narrow your search!

For truly open workspaces, benching systems really remove barriers. Guide your search with our benching systems buyer’s guide, then browse our selection of open plan desking!

Modular office partitions are a selection of both architectural alternatives and mobile implements for more effective office division. Find solutions for privacy screens, and learn more about options opposed to traditional  buildout.

Whatever you find to be the most effective systems furniture solution for your workspace, know that Office Furniture Warehouse is here to support you where it counts. We’re here to make your workspace work as hard as you do – so, tell us about your project!

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