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Office Installation | Local Government

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A Sequatchie Valley city government  recently undertook a streamlining effort of their municipal services to optimize their function as a community resource. During this process, the Office Furniture Works team had the privilege to work with the city on an office installation for the new city hall.


 The Space

The new city hall was previously an elementary school and underwent a major renovation to make the space ready to house the city government. Because the municipal consolidation will be ongoing for a time, the building’s finish schedule extended past the city staff’s move-in date. That means coordinating with other contractors, as well as city staff, to ensure safe and convenient service. The office installation encompassed the new training room, courtroom and two office suites including the Mayor’s.

The People

The new workspace was a significant expansion from the previous location. The city’s administrative & utilities offices, court, chamber of commerce and a slew of other civil services would be utilizing the space. It would be home to not only the city government staff, but see a fair amount of public foot traffic from citizens as well. Having municipal functions under one roof is helpful enough. The city is going a step further by opening the space for events and as a community resource.



The courtroom was outfitted with a large dais and podium in order to host city court, council meetings and assorted other meeting / forum functions. Top priorities for the courtroom were functional audience seating and comfortable dais seating. The audience seating are fabric guest chairs with a back pocket (“church chairs”). These are a cost-effective hack for creating a flexible space where information can be distributed very easily – ideal, for instance, for keeping engaged citizens current on resources available to them. The dais seating are pre-owned boardroom chairs – while a matching set like this is a rare find, it speaks to the value of high-quality used office chairs in general.

office installation | Office Furniture Works | furniture stores in chattanooga tn

Training Room

A more and more prevalent feature, training rooms are an opportunity to promote engagement. This training room space is designed for flexible, multipurpose use. Both the training tables and training room chairs have mobile casters and a nesting function. Mobile furniture is essentially built-in versatility for the workplace – making endless reconfigurations easy, whatever the purpose. Nesting means that the table tops and chair seats flip up and slide against each other. This feature has widely become a client favorite – simplifying storage and consolidating the footprint of furniture when not in use.

office installation | Office Furniture Works | furniture stores in chattanooga tn


The city’s staff occupies two office suites. The offices were outfitted with matching u-group workstations. These have a bow-front desk, bridge and credenza with stacked hutch storage, as well as pedestal file cabinet storage. The mayor’s office is now home to a stately pre-owned desk set, including the same features with some added bonuses. Coupling new and used office furniture when purchasing for a new office space can save money up front, as well as qualify the project for sustainability certifications.

office installation | Office Furniture Works | furniture stores in chattanooga tn


Do you have an office installation project, or a workspace that just doesn’t work as hard as you do?