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The Office Furniture Works team recently had the opportunity to help the administrative functions of a healthcare organization with the process of office relocation to their newly acquired space in Chattanooga.


The Space

 The organization recently acquired an entire level of an office building, outfitting the floor for use by administrative staff. Private offices and common spaces surround two large groups of workstations, all well-lit from the building’s exterior windows. Office Furniture Works would be furnishing the reception area, flex and executive conference spaces, training room, break room & guest seating in addition to relocating offices from the previous space.

The People 

The new work space would be home to the organization’s administrative functions (billing, IT, etc.) and the project would directly affect a significant number of employees. We built a phased installation and office move schedule around the construction at the new space and employees at the previous location.

Our goal was to furnish a full, flexible office space while minimizing downtime during the office relocation.

office furniture chattanooga



The reception area is now occupied by an arrangement of contemporary club chairs and glass end/coffee tables. Since the new space is in a shared building, the reception area is partitioned from the elevator lobby. There’s a custom-built reception desk that occupies a footprint such that the conservation of space had to be a consideration. The angular orientation of the furniture helped fit a good deal of comfortable seating and table space in a limited area.

contemporary glass end tables|contemporary reception furniture

Executive Conference

The executive conference room is now home to a 18′ boardroom table with multiple power integrations for a high powered meeting space. Although the orientation of the room is narrow, which can often make tables cluttered when seating is factored in, a boat-shaped table helps create better lines of sight from the head to each member of discussions.

executive conference room furniture

Training Room

These training tables provide a highly flexible solution to training room spaces for easy reconfiguration and storage. Training room tables pictured are mobile with flip-top & nesting capability. Mobile casters on the table bases lend themselves to endless arrangements, depending on purpose. The table tops collapse such that they nest to each other and are able to be stored for occasions when the space must remain open. Akin to the tables’ flexibility are the chairs: flip-up nesting chairs with mobile casters for the exact same reasons.

training room furniture | training furniture | training room design | mobile training table | flip top training tables | training desk | folding training table | mobile training tables

Meeting Rooms

There are two smaller conference rooms designated as flex spaces. The organization has a reservation system set up for the meeting rooms, so staff can book some collaboration time without needing to beat someone to it. The set up is very simple – 8′ boat shaped conference tables with power modules surrounded by task seating. There are wall-mounted monitors for teleconferencing and presentation work, making a perfect teaming space for any purpose.

small conference table|conference furniture chattanooga

Break Room

The staff break room is set against an outer wall of the building, bordering a large group of workstations so it’s easily accessed by everyone. The natural lighting is phenomenal, so they opted to mount a bar counter against the window with metal barstools. In the middle of the room are round break room tables surrounded by stacking chairs. This configuration lends itself to lots of individual space and easy rearrangement. Bordered by wall-mounted cabinets and plentiful refrigerator space on either end, we think this break room is a great example of a space that invites & accommodates.

break room furniture chattanooga

Private Offices

The assortment of private offices had, for the most part, their existing furniture moved from the previous space. We’ll talk about that in a second. We want to highlight the guest seating and small meeting spaces in each. Real wood’s real nice, and workspaces that can switch modes from focus to collaboration in an instant are even better.

executive guest chairs
Private Office Guest Seating
moving crates

Office Relocation

Finally, we performed an office relocation of the existing offices from the previous facility to the new building. This encompassed (17) office suites and the staff’s personal belongings. Office relocation is about as exciting as you think – while we know it’s not terribly compelling, but organizations responding to growth, change & relocation deserve to know what their options are.

Our furniture technicians first drop off mobile moving crates and begin carefully moving office furniture. After we set up the new offices, staff members pack their personal belongings in crates and our technicians deliver the crates to the new facility. Staff members unpack their belongings from the crates at their new workstations, and our technicians return to pick up the crates. This leaves you with a minimized mess and more money in your pocket than if you had opted for traditional cardboard.


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At Office Furniture Works, we’re striving to be the one-stop shop for organizations responding to the challenges posed by growth, change & office relocation. Got a workspace that doesn’t work quite as hard as you do?