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Cubicle Workstations for Chattanooga Manufacturer

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The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the opportunity to work with a global manufacturer at their headquarters in Chattanooga, TN to install a group of cubicle workstations for their sales department.


The Space

The space was an open area on the second floor of the firm’s headquarters, set across from partitioned offices along a hallway. The space was previously outfitted with fixed laminate construction in an inflexible configuration. The space underwent a renovation in order to accommodate a new workstation configuration.

The People

The new workstations would be home to the a sales department, containing ten individual workstations and storage for staff. While making the most of available square footage, the workstations would need to be very accessible for sales staff on the fly as well as include a degree of flexibility to accommodate additional growth.

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Our goal was to create a group of flexible workstations, making an easily navigable workspace with the option to expand.


modular workstations

Open Plan Cubicle Workstations

We designed a freestanding cubicle system comprised of 6 ft. x 8 ft. workstations, providing ample storage space and work surface area for individuals. The elongated L-desk configuration of the individual workstations is supported by a locking file pedestal on either end, with overhead storage and cable management. The workstations are arranged to create two “pods”, the exteriors of which are topped with frosted glass panels. This provides privacy but allows light into the cubicle to maintain a feeling of openness.

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Individual cubicles have plentiful storage and personal space while still allowing for a wider aisle between workstations. The glass panels provide a degree of privacy without cutting the occupant off from adjacent workspaces. The new configuration leveraged the existing space to accommodate growth opportunities – while the number of workstations was greater, we also used a cubicle system that is easily reconfigurable for adding workstations as necessary. With the space saved, the firm was also able to retain the configuration of existing areas without making significant renovations.

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