Office Furniture Works



Businesses responding to growth, change and relocation deserve a resource for comprehensive relocation management.

Office Furniture Works Move strives to help businesses take the stress out of office moving by providing the end-to-end support you need. Our mission is to help you facilitate a smooth office relocation by utilizing our expertise to streamline your process. Who better to manage your office move than the people handling office furniture every day?

Quality-Assured Move

We are an insured relocation service and use state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide a safe, secure and eco-friendly solution for moving your office.

No More Moving Boxes

No more moving boxes! OFW+Move palletizes your furniture and uses a plastic crate system to move the contents of your office.

Ancillary Moving Services

Aside from physically moving office furniture and the management of that effort, we offer furniture space planning, asset management + furniture storage.

67% of managerial staff tasked with an office move don't have the same job one year later.

25+ Years' Experience Coordinating Commercial Relocations