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Return to Work Summit

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The necessity and sensibility behind businesses closing makes it no less burdensome. As lockdowns around the country are simultaneously protested and adhered to, extended and expiring, we’re looking toward the future at a question that’s on many people’s minds: “How will we return to work post-COVID-19 safely?”

We believe it’s prudent to address how businesses can leverage work environments to keep employees healthy and prevent future pandemics as the paradigm of post-COVID-19 offices evolves. We don’t have all the answers, and every component of this conundrum is dynamic. So, in addition to offering you what resources we have at our disposal right now, we want to open a dialogue about what it will take to return to work safely. The Return to Work Summit explores expert perspectives surrounding the built environment to strategize how we can reoccupy as safely as possible.

return to work summit

Watch the Return to Work Summit Videos

Pt. 1: Michael Walton and Steve Hunt

Michael Walton and Steve Hunt share their expertise on how the built environment will evolve in response to the pandemic, what to expect upon return and the importance of seeing it through together.
Watch part 1 here!

Pt. 2: T.W. Francescon and Jim Exum

T.W. Francescon and Jim Exum lean in with perspectives from HR and Legal; how their companies are responding to the pandemic, the importance of communication and predictions for policy.
Watch part 2 here!

Pt. 3: Rae Bond and Amanda McKenney

Rae Bond and Amanda McKenney impart wisdom from the arenas of healthcare and industrial hygiene for businesses strategizing the safest possible return to work.
Watch part 3 here!

Meet the Return to Work Summit Panelists

return to work summit
Michael Walton is the Executive Director of green|spaces, the award-winning sustainability nonprofit in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a licensed architect and has been a LEED AP since 2007 with extensive experience in sustainable commercial architecture and interiors as well as residential design.
See his full interview here.
return to work summit
Steve Hunt is a managing partner of Berry & Hunt construction. Since 1986, Steve’s work efforts have concentrated almost exclusively in the area of office building development and redevelopment, commercial real estate leasing, sales and property management.
Watch his full interview here.
return to work summit
T.W. Francescon, Jr. is the Corporate Director of Human Resources at Southern Champion Tray, where he enjoys working alongside over 700 coworkers, in a business that focuses on people, values, and culture.
View his full interview here.
return to work summit
James F. Exum III has been rated among Insurance Law’s Best Lawyers by U.S. News & World Report in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Dedicated to helping first responders as well as families in need, Jim Exum works on government and municipal litigation matters and serves as the Administrative Hearing Officer for multiple local municipalities.
See his full interview here.
return to work summit
Rae Young Bond is the Chief Executive Officer of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Medical Society, the Medical Foundation of Chattanooga, and Project Access. Rae currently is the chair for the COVID-19 Joint Task Force created by Mayor Jim Coppinger and Mayor Andy Berke.
Watch her full interview here.
return to work summit
Ms. Amanda McKenney is a Senior Industrial Hygienist, National Account Manager and Principal consultant for Terracon. With more than 18 years of experience, Ms. McKenney has conducted a wide variety of consulting services in various industrial, commercial, residential, institutional and military environments.
View her full interview here!

We hope this is useful to strategizing your safe re-occupancy of physical work environments.

Our mission is to make your workspace work as hard as you do and, during this unprecedented time, we’re trying to make sure that best reflects how work will inevitably evolve in response to the pandemic. Returning to work? We feel that our partners should be confident in our response, as well as take advantage of opportunities to boost immunity and resilience in the physical workplace. Remaining Remote? Consider these 3 musts for your home office and our resources for the rise of the remote worker.

Need a partner to walk you through the process? Help come up with the process? Tie up loose ends on your process in progress? Regardless, we’ve got you covered.

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Want to join the dialogue for further conversations? Let us know what your biggest concern about the return to work is!