Open Office Furniture

  • Work Surfaces|Risers Available
  • U-Leg Supports|Connector Beams
  • Optional Storage
  • Configurable in any orientation
  • Customizable Finishes|Accessories


Open Office Furniture | Elements Series

Work spaces should be leveraged to support your objectives. Collaboration and flexibility are important for a successful open office environment. Office benching systems create an open design to promote collaboration & efficient use of space. Open office furniture encourages employee collaboration by situating people in close proximity at open, bench-like work surfaces. In addition, the shared workspaces occupy minimal footprint on your floor plan.

Components can be custom-configured to include visual privacy, additional storage & media-display options. Contemporary styling is ideal for open work spaces and team centers. Three subtle finish options integrate well into any work space. Interested in creating a versatile, cost-effective office space? Discover a solution encouraging collaboration & maximizing your real estate with open office furniture.