Wall Mounted Workstations

In some spaces, standard sizes just won’t cut it – Office Furniture Works can find a custom solution for wall mounted workstations that will help effectively utilize your square footage.


Wall Mounted Workstations

Work environments should foster collaborative efforts and be an inviting space for your employees. A heavy workload is overwhelming – an insufficient work space should not be a contributor. Wall mounted workstations are a great solution for accommodating unique work spaces, no matter the shape or size. Effective space utilization is simple with the elimination of standard sizes. Office benching systems create an open, spacious environment for productivity. Streamline your work efforts with wall mounted workstations.

Work surfaces mount flush against walls, supported by post-leg or pedestal file cabinets. Track extensions are available to increase the usable space on walls. This allows for partitioning cubicle panels and overhead storage. Your work environment should support your goals & objectives, don’t settle for a lackluster office space. Interested in creating an open, welcoming work area?

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