Office Reception Desk

Reception Areas Are An Opportunity.

Each time someone passes through your reception area is a chance to influence their perception of your brand. Conclusions can be drawn after just moments, so you need to create an environment that instantaneously sets the tone for what can be expected going forward with your brand. Office reception desks should be a statement piece to make that messaging memorable.

  • Rectangular or L Shaped Reception Desk
  • Footprints from 74″ x 74″ to 86″ x 86″
  • Contrasting Finishes Available for Transaction Top
  • Front in Solid Panel or Brandable, Backlit Plexi

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The Right Office Reception Desk

The moment someone passes through your reception area is an opportunity for your business. The first and last touches with your brand can affirm the person’s decision about whether you’re a good fit. Your reception area design is a branding opportunity to communicate what people can expect going forward with you. And guess what? You can rarely be there for it. Designing your reception area to make sure the right message is conveyed every time is crucial, and the office reception desk is a major component.

Your Office Reception Desk Should Be A Statement Piece

As a rule of thumb, leverage your office design budget in the areas with highest traffic. In most workplaces, those areas are individual workstations and your reception, waiting room, lobby, etc. An investment in the aesthetic quality of that space is an investment in people’s perception of your brand. With 20+ finish options and the possibility for contrasting transaction top, your office reception desk will accentuate that perception. Also, for a more custom look, the office reception desk is available with backlit plexi front.

Your Workspace Should Work As Hard As You Do.

Cultivating spaces that foster positive first impressions is never a cut-and-dry process. So, each business deserves a unique workplace strategy. Searching for solutions to broadcasting your mission & values through the built environment? Here’s what we suggest: take a stab at quantifying your project. Attach a headcount, measurements and any other concrete data you can collect (our team will be glad to help). Then, work in inspirations from personal preference and your brand. We’re here at 1900 Stuart Street every Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm. You can send us a message and book time using the button below, or stop by at your convenience. Our sales team will take it from there. Sound good?

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