Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desks

  • Work Surfaces available in a range of sizes (24″x36″ up to 36″x72″) and finishes
  • Electric Adjustable Height Base features programmable memory settings
  • Ergonomic Accessories include dual monitor mounts, articulating keyboard tray & CPU holder


Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desks

Today’s top performers have adaptability demanded of them, and people deserve workstations that work as hard as they do. Height adjustable ergonomic desks are an ideal solution to cultivating a workspace that rises to the day’s challenge. Your choice size & finish work surface is mounted to adjustable height base, then furnished with ergonomic accessories. Dual monitor arms reduce strain to eyes and neck from ill-positioned screens, while articulating keyboard tray minimizes the strain on wrists and elbows with ergonomic positioning. CPU holder ensures processor will remain secure while utilizing the height-adjustable capability of the desk.

First, select from six contemporary finishes to complement and existing office or plans for a new buildout. Then, mount a variety of work surface sizes and configurations on height adjustable desk bases for dynamic ergonomic positioning. Finally, outfit your height adjustable ergonomic desk with accessories that cater to your work style. This desk includes a CPU holder, monitor mounts and a keyboard tray to help your workstation rise to the challenge.

Keeping a workplace and it’s occupants comfortable & productive is a challenge, and Office Furniture Warehouse believes that creative solutions build better relationships. Do you have a workspace that needs some ergonomic upgrades? Or, a space that needs some flexibility built in?

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