Ergonomic Floor Mat

Innovative dual purpose mat offers ergonomic solution for sit-to-stand workstations. Roll with ease on the chair mat. Stand in comfort on the foam cushion. Protects hard wood floors like laminate, wood and tile or low pile carpets up to 3/8″ thick including padding.


Ergonomic Floor Mat

You work hard, and you deserve support throughout the day – especially at your workstation. An ergonomic floor mat can provide that support in a few ways. First, it will support your seated work. Trying to scoot around on carpet or hard flooring that’s nicked and scratched makes work difficult! A smooth experience in your task chair probably isn’t a frequent thought, but it will affect productivity. Second, it will support your standing work. Transitioning between seated and standing work has been shown to increase productivity and lessen strain to crucial ergonomic points. While you’re standing, however, you need proper support for your feet and back to combat fatigue. The fold-over foam lip will add that extra padding you need to maintain working comfortably. Finally, it will protect your flooring. Aside from routine spills/scratches/etc., many flooring manufacturers will void warranty if chair mats aren’t used.

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