Glass Markerboards

  • Available from 12″x12″ to 48″x72″
  • Magnetic, Tempered Glass for Superior Writeability
  • Options for Gloss White, Frosted Pearl and Gloss Black Finishes
  • Easily cleans with no ghosting or staining
  • Simple and sturdy mounting devices are padded to protect surface
  • Antimicrobial Surface is Scratch-, Mold- and Stain-Resistant


Glass Markerboards

Find a cost-effective solution for streamlining your collaborative workflow with glass markerboards from Office Furniture Warehouse! Accessories that facilitate office, training room and conference environments are major contributors to the work that occurs there. Making an investment in the writeable surfaces that propel ideation in those spaces is an investment in productivity.

Borderless and seamless magnetic tempered glass markerboard surface available in glossy White or Black surfaces. Glossy black glass provides ideal contrast for white or fluorescent markers. White marker included. Superior writability and erasability. Made with eco-friendly materials. Limited 50 year guarantee. Easily cleans with no ghosting or staining. Accepts rare earth magnets. Simple and sturdy mounting devices are padded to protect surface.

Want to explore solutions for a more effective ideation? Here’s what we recommend: take a stab at quantifying your project. Measure your space, create a rough drawing, then attach a headcount and find some inspiration to bring to your meeting. Saying, “We have a 15’x30′ space that needs to fit 8 people and we like this style/layout/furniture…” is a much better jumping off point than “How much does this desk cost?” If you need a hand, our team will gladly come walk your space and help out with that first part. Fit your vision for the office?

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