Wooden Stack Chairs

Functional, space-saving designs perfect for the contemporary break room. Modern bentwood seat follows the shape of the user’s back for optimal comfort. Wood stack chairs stack (5) high with cutout for easy arrangement & storage.


Wooden Stack Chairs

Guests should feel welcome at your work space. Wooden stack chairs provide a warm, sleek atmosphere to any work setting. An upright back with a slight dip in the lower lumbar area allows proper posture for the occupant, keeping people comfortable is easy. A grip hold on the back makes effective space-utilization a simple, painless process. Since the chairs stack five high, reconfiguration and storage are quick & simple. Stack chairs provide a sleek solution to lobby & reception seating in a cost-effective manner.

A durable metal frame ensures sturdy, long-lasting seating after repeated use. Rubber glides ensure your office flooring suffers no damage. Add a contemporary look to your office seating with wooden stack chairs from Office Furniture Warehouse. Interested in creating a versatile, cost-effective seating solution for your work space?

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