Ergonomic Task Chairs

Finding comfortable, all-day seating for your work space can be difficult.  Ergonomic needs are an extremely important factor to preventing injury in the workplace. Eliminating repetitive strain by poor posture or positioning reduces the risk of chronic, musculoskeletal injury to employees. In addition, ergonomic workspaces have been shown to increase engagement & boost morale of employees. Since it’s where you spend the majority of your time, creating an ergonomic work environment starts with an ergonomic task chair.


Ergonomic Task Chair

Is your work environment becoming uncomfortable during the work day? Maintaining ergonomic posture can be difficult without proper task seating. Repetitive strain is the primary cause of injuries in the work setting, commonly from task seating. Improving the ergonomics of a work space has been shown to increase employee morale & productivity – not to mention the benefit to one’s physical wellbeing. Create a work space that supports your goals with an ergonomic task chair from Office Furniture Warehouse.

Simple, user friendly adjustments allow the occupant to find the ideal positioning for all day comfort. With a slim & elegant design, space allocation becomes easy for the user ensuring a productive work day. Dynamic lumbar support provides support through a full range of motions, preventing the risk of injury during prolonged seating. A variety of upholstery options and base configurations allow for simple customization that meshes with any work environment. Interested in improving work space functionality and comfort?

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