Executive Desk Chair

  • Advanced synchro tilt mechanism with 4‐positon lock
  • Sliding seat depth adjustment
  • 4‐Axis adjustable armrests with soft pad surface
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Polished aluminum base


Executive Desk Chair

Long days at work can be tough. An executive desk chair should provide you the comfort you desire for any challenge. If you consistently need to adjust your seating for different tasks throughout the day, investing in an executive desk chair can provide the functionality you need. Adjustable back/tilt locks promote proper ergonomic positioning throughout the work day. In addition, sliding seat controls enable a variety of configurations for any task the work day entails.

To begin with, purchasing a chair from our InStock program ensures low lead times. This means you can get your delivery scheduled on the same day! An executive desk chair from OFW InStock features an advanced synchro tilt mechanism with a 4-position lock. Similarly, sliding seat depth adjustments allow the user easy configuration of the chair to fit their needs. Furthermore, adjustable arm rests with a soft padded surface provide comfortability throughout the day. Adjustable lumbar support helps the user keep a correct posture, helping to avoid future back pain . Finally, the executive desk chair has a durable, polished aluminum base for style and function.

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