Big and Tall Drafting Stool

  • Reinforced heavy gauge steel mounting brackets
  • (2) Options for Seat Size
  • Multilayer cushioning
  • Rated For Up to 500lbs


Big and Tall Drafting Stool

In a world wrought with distractions, staying focused at work can be a challenging task. An uncomfortable chair adds onto this stress, but is a resolvable issue. Originally, a drafting stool was designed specifically to be used by architects and engineers. With the prevalence of taller and specialty workstations, more people who sit for long hours throughout the day benefit from having a big and tall drafting stool.  Some of the other occupations that often use drafting task chairs in today’s offices’ include data-entry workers and secretaries – anyone who sits for prolonged periods.

Big and tall drafting stools are an optimal fit for high-intensity 24-hour environments like healthcare, call centers or public safety where chair performance is essential. Designed for durability, drafting stools feature reinforced heavy gauge mounting brackets backed by solid steel. Furthermore, big and tall drafting stools can support up to 500 lbs, ensuring that they can handle any size person using the chair. Finally, options for two seat sizes as well as multilayer cushioning provide ergonomic comfort for big and tall drafting stools.

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