Modern Reception Seating

  • Chrome Steel Base Built for Durability
  • High Performance, Easy Care Vinyl
  • Power Outlet Built into Chair
  • Full Line of Matching Furniture
  • GreenGuard Certified


Modern Reception Seating

Find a modern reception seating solutions from Office Furniture Works! With Millennial Collection reception furniture, you and your office visitors will be pleasantly surprised to discover just how comfortable this black faux leather, tufted cushion seating can feel. The modern contemporary feel emphasizes through the silver accent base, making your reception space cutting edge.

To start, this modern furniture from the millennial line has chrome steel base ensuring longevity and durability in the high traffic areas of the office. Modern reception seating holds with high-quality bonded leather material as its upholstery, which features an elegant but simple solid color pattern in accordance with the modern style of the chair. Similarly, the high performance leather like vinyl design handles heavy usage and is easy to care for and maintain. The armless chair features a built in power module to convenience your customers in the reception space. Furthermore, this seating come from a full line of matching furniture pieces, such as corner chairs and ottomans to fully outfit the reception are. Finally, products from the millennial line are GreenGuard certified which means that you can be sure it meets current industry standards on chemical emissions, keeping your workforce and workplace safe.

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