Modular Reception Seating

A seating solution for public, overlap areas and flex spaces within the workplace – designed for promoting comfort and collaboration.

  • 100% Recyclable & American-Made
  • Seamless, Durable Surface|Easily Cleaned
  • Moisture Resistant|Fire Tested


Modular Reception Seating

First impressions are important. Discover a solution for your reception seating with a sleek, contemporary “Feek” setup. Simple, lightweight pieces allow for a both curved or linear layout for many functional configurations in your work environment. The shape and natural ergonomics allow for easy collaboration or solo work, and ensure that occupants feel relaxed. Reception seating is the first glimpse of your company, ensure that it resembles a positive tone with modular reception seating from Office Furniture Warehouse.

Each angle and dimension is carefully optimized to create a sophisticated design while providing maximum comfort to the user. In addition, the product is extremely lightweight but durable. Made completely of recyclable polyurethane foam, there are no hard or sharp edges to provide ideal comfort to the occupant. Space utilization becomes simple with hundreds of different configurations. Eleven different color options ensure you can find the perfect color to match the layout of your reception area. Interested in making a vibrant reception area?

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