Big And Tall Chairs

If you have a desk job, you probably spend as much (if not more) time in your office chair as you do in your favorite chair at home. As you spend the better part of your work day in the seated position, having a chair designed specifically for your body isn’t just a matter of comfort — it’s a potential health issue as well. Big and tall chairs have heavily padded seating and generous proportions to create a comfortable seating experience for any user.


Big And Tall Chairs

Great big and tall chairs are hard to come by. Even if your office isn’t on a 24-hr schedule, you need the kind of heavy-duty office equipment that can stand up to that kind of constant wear and tear. Big and tall task chairs provide sturdier bases for prolonged seating. Also, arm rests that adjust up and down allow the user to position his or her arms and shoulders in a way that’s more natural for his or her body type. Arm rests that adjust laterally as well can help people feel more comfortable.

In terms of supporting the spine, back height is vital. A chair with an adjustable back height makes it possible to slide the back up and down in order to put the lumbar curve right on the person’s lower back. A slight dip in the back of the chair allows for additional cushioning. Interested in an accommodating solution to office seating?

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