Big And Tall Fabric Chairs

Keeping employees comfortable while they perform the duties of their jobs is essential for health and safety. Top quality construction of big and tall fabric chairs insures ergonomic balance that can accommodate variable weight loads and are devoid of sharp parts. Rated for 400lbs with armrests that are both removable and adjustable, these big and tall fabric chairs are an excellent balance of comfort, ergonomics and cost-effectiveness for your workplace seating.



Big And Tall Fabric Chairs

Nowadays, ergonomic office chairs have become an integral part of workplace safety. Big and tall fabric chairs are seeing more integrations of modern office furniture technology. Finding a task chair durable enough to accommodate different body types, comfortable enough to satisfy employees and cost-effective enough to be feasible can be a challenge. Find a balance with these big and tall fabric chairs!

400 lbs. rated chairs have the option for removable armrests in addition to ergonomic design and multifunction features. Padded seat and high back are covered in a breathable black fabric. While the amount of upkeep required largely depends on the material type, most fabric chairs only need spot treatment and periodic cleaning. Interested in a cost-efficient solution to your office seating?

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