Drafting Desk Chair

Buying office chairs can be a big decision, as employees tend to have a range of preferences. Fortunately, if you know you need a drafting desk chair, you’ve already honed your search fairly well. And, better than that, these mesh drafting chairs are straight and to the point:

  • Available in black, green and blue mesh back with black fabric seat
  • Optional arms and footrest


Drafting Desk Chair

Find an economic solution for your drafting desk chair needs – these mesh drafting chairs offer unparalleled value and support for professionals at specialty workstations. Available in blue, green and black mesh back with black fabric seat, the drafting desk chair also has options for adjustable armrests and foot ring.

Chairs made of materials that trap heat trigger discomfort for many employees. Mesh chair backs offer ventilation. They enable air flow, keeping workers cool and dry, even in very warm climates. Mesh seating has become quite popular due to the ventilation it provides. Maintaining cool and comfortable environments is key to an employee’s morale and productivity. A happier employee works more effectively.

Another important benefit of ergonomic task chairs is the support they provide to those seated in them. Most task chairs are ergonomically shaped, with the back curved in a way that encourages employee to sit with good posture. This ergonomic design helps keep employees comfortable throughout a working day, preventing the kind of back soreness that can negatively affect employees’ performances. Most mesh chairs are also highly adjustable, allowing employees to customize their chairs to fit their seating preferences and ensure that they provide maximum support. Interested in a cost-effective, functional solution to your office seating?