Ergonomic Mesh Chairs

Ergonomic needs are extremely important to recognize in the workplace. Implementing ergonomic practices have been shown to increase levels of employee engagement. In addition, eliminating repetitive strain caused by poor posture or positioning reduces the risk of chronic, musculoskeletal injury to employees. Optimizing your work environment for ergonomics can start with an ergonomic mesh chair from Office Furniture Works.


Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Is your work environment optimized for ergonomics? Ergonomics at the individual level deal primarily with injuries caused by repetitive strain in the work setting, especially from task seating. It has been shown that increasing ergonomics in the work place boosts employee productivity, morale & engagement.  Set up a work space that supports your objectives with an ergonomic mesh chair from Office Furniture Works.

This ergonomic mesh chair features high quality woven tension mesh that conforms to the user’s back providing excellent support with every move. With adjustable back height, seat depth & tension control, this chair gives the user a comfortable experience throughout the work day. Interested in assessing where your office could be more ergonomic?