Mesh Drafting Stools

Is your drafting stool not supporting you adequately? Proper posture is necessary to stay focused on the task at hand. An adjustable seat height ensures all day comfort for the user while providing exceptional support to enable proper ergonomic posture throughout the day. A footrest featured at the bottom of the stool allows the occupant to relieve stress on the lower back by partially shifting the load to the feet. The waterfall edge on the seat provides additional comfort by reducing the pressure on your legs. Find a solution to your project planning seating with a mesh drafting stool from Office Furniture Warehouse.


Mesh Drafting Stools

Task chairs should provide you with exceptional comfort to ensure that you can stay focused on the task at hand. Ergonomics have been proven to reduce the risk of work place injury. Mesh drafting stools feature a breathable back and a streamlined design making it a compact addition to any office space. Pneumatic height adjustments with optional height-adjustable arms allow for extra upper-body support while enabling correct positioning at all times.

Mesh drafting stools afford the user mobility at all times. Whether you need to pull up to your computer desk or swivel around to speak with a teammate, durable carpet casters make movement simple and easy. In addition, a footrest can relieve pressure on your lower back during prolonged sitting by partially shifting the load to your feet. A cushioned waterfall seat provides additional pressure relief to your legs. Multiple upholstery options accommodate an ideal setup for any work environment. Interested in a comfortable, cost-effective solution for drafting stools?

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