Training Room Chairs

Training Room Chairs with a flip-up nesting seat, allowing it to fold for easy, space-saving storage. Cultivate flexible workspaces that rise to the occassion with training room chairs from Office Furniture Works!

  • Cushioned Seat Folds for Easy Storage
  • (9) Upholstery Options for Padded Seat
  • Breathable Black Backrest 
  • Titanium Gray Frame with Available Armrests
  • Mobile Casters for Flexible Reconfigurability
  • Item#ND-3074T


Training Room Chairs

 Find an efficient solution for your flexible workspaces at Office Furniture Works! To accommodate many different work styles, modern day collaboration spaces demand versatility from all its components. Dynamic work spaces must not only suit a number of configurations and layouts, but so so efficiently. Training room chairs are an ideal solution for creating dynamic training rooms, teaming spaces & more.

Flip-up seats allow chairs to nest together, while mobile casters make your space endlessly reconfigurable. Training room chairs come standard with upholstered seat and mobile casters, and are available with or without integrated armrests. Choose from nine upholstery options for padded seat on titanium gray frame to complement any existing office space or plans for a new buildout. Molded backrests with integrated breathability afford both durability of your seating and comfort for occupants. Greenguard®-certified construction ensures the longevity of your flexible seating arrangements, as well as the sustainability of your “built environment”.

Want to explore solutions for a more effective learning environment? Here’s what we recommend: take a stab at quantifying your project. Measure your space, create a rough drawing, then attach a headcount and find some inspiration to bring to your meeting. Saying, “We have a 15’x30′ space that needs to fit 8 people and we like this style/layout/furniture…” is a much better jumping off point than “How much does this desk cost?” If you need a hand, our team will gladly come walk your space and help out with that first part. Fit your vision for the office?