Mesh Folding Chair

  • Flexible Back with Locking Mechanism
  • Flip Up Seat Nests for Compact Storage
  • (2) Finishes for Coordinating Mesh Back and Frame
  • 100+ Upholstery Options for Padded Seat
  • Silver or White Frame Finish
  • Options for Hard Floor or Carpet Casters


Mesh Folding Chair | Zoom by 9to5

Find an efficient solution for your training rooms and other dynamic workspaces with Zoom Mesh Folding Chair options from 9to5. A smart nesting chair that is also available in a light task or stool for high traffic multipurpose areas where movement and flexibility are key.

First, choose white or grey complementing finishes for mesh and back frame. Flexible mesh back features torsion spring flex with back lock to afford occupants another dimension of movement. Turn the knobs forward and the back will lock in an upright position. Rotate the knobs back for free float comfort. When not in use, simply flip seat up and nest chairs together for efficient, compact storage. Complement any existing office space or plans for a new buildout with a wide range of upholstery options for padded seat. Choose from thousands of fabrics for a unique style with a soft foam cushion for added comfort. Mobilize your space and protect your floor covering with hard floor or carpet casters. Create a unified standard for your workspace with available task chair and drafting stool models.

Want to explore solutions for a more effective learning environment? Here’s what we recommend: take a stab at quantifying your project. Measure your space, create a rough drawing, then attach a headcount and find some inspiration to bring to your meeting. Saying, “We have a 15’x30′ space that needs to fit 8 people and we like this style/layout/furniture…” is a much better jumping off point than “How much does this desk cost?” If you need a hand, our team will gladly come walk your space and help out with that first part. Fit your vision for the office?

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