4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinets

  • 18.75″ deep
  • Width Ranges from 36″-42″
  • Four adjustable leveling glides
  • Core replaceable lock
  • Interlock system prohibits the extension of more than one drawer at a time
  • Full width drawer pulls
  • Magnetic label holder for each drawer.
  • Available in (4) Contemporary Laminate Finishes


4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinets

Document storage and security is vital to any business. It is important for file cabinets to foster a useful learning environment instead of a cluttered one. File cabinets are here to provide a solution to your organizational needs. Using a slim design, these file cabinets are able to fit on most office configurations. Available with a removal top for extra storage, the 4 drawer lateral file cabinet is a compact storage system that exceeds expectations. Lateral file cabinets can be easily mobilized, so when your needs may shift you can easily transport your furniture from one place to another.

To begin with, lateral file cabinets are 18.75″ deep and range from 36″ to 42″ in width, allowing plenty of space for storing important documents and files. Then, four adjustable leveling glides ensure the a smooth opening and closing of the file cabinets throughout the busy workday. Similarly, full width drawer pulls make opening a fully loaded cabinet much easier by dispersing the weight evenly. Lateral file cabinets feature a strong core replacement lock that also includes an interlock system, prohibiting the extension of more than one drawer at a time. Magnetic label holders for each drawer allow for simple and effective organization of documents. Finally, lateral file cabinets are available in four contemporary laminate finishes to complement and existing office or plans for a new buildout.

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