FireKing Storage Cabinets

Vital documents should never be compromised in any business setting. Ensure safety of important files in the time of emergencies with FireKing Storage Cabinets. Whether your needs call for  a small or large fireproof cabinet, there are two size options: 72″ high cabinet with 4 adjustable shelves or a 44″ high cabinet with 2 adjustable shelves. High Security Medeco Key Lock, ensures resistance to picking and drilling. Rest easy knowing your documents are safe.


FireKing Storage Cabinets

Extremely sensitive documents and items require extra insurance and care. FireKing Storage cabinets are designed to protect oversized documents, binders, end-tab filing and other valuable items. In addition, each cabinet carries the U.L. Class 350 One Hour Insulated Records Container rating. Available in 72″ high cabinet with 4 adjustable shelves. Also, a smaller option of 44″ high cabinet comes with 2 adjustable shelves. High Security Medeco Key Lock, ensures resistance to picking and drilling. Parchment and Artic White powder coat finish is scratch-resistant, providing a lifetime quality appearance.

Compromising important files is never worth the risk in case of emergency. Investing in fireproof file cabinets will save you distress and money in the long run. Fireproof filing cabinets offer much more than just protection from fire, since ingenious locking systems and very robust construction mean they offer more security than conventional filing cabinets. Create a work environment that protects what matters most to you and your business with FireKing storage cabinets. Interested in a cost-effective, ultra-secure solution to file storage?

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