Doctor Office Cabinets

  • Options for (4) Face Styles
  • Choices from (5) Pulls
  • Solid Surface or High Pressure Laminate Countertops
  • Custom Sink and Faucet Designs
  • Various Lock Types Available


Doctor Office Cabinets

Doctor Office Cabinets afford healthcare facilities the opportunity to conserve space, promote patient comfort, and equip healthcare providers with workspaces that work as hard as they do. With custom medical cabinets from Stance Healthcare, finding a cohesive solution for all the applications in a healthcare facility is easy. Furnish patient rooms, exam rooms, administrative workstations and break rooms with custom medical cabinetry that prioritizes functionality and promotes wellness.

Matrix is the ideal cabinetry for the modern healthcare facility. Endless customization options have made it simple to find beautiful casework to fit any design. To begin with, select your preferred face style with options from four different designs. Similarly, Matrix has five options for different pulls to complement your chosen face style. Then, countertops are equipped with sealed edges and have options for solid surface or high pressure laminate for extreme durability. Doctor office cabinets have choices for custom sink and faucet designs allowing you to optimize countertop space and achieve your preferred style. Finally, a wide selection of various locking types gives Matrix functional security keeping valuables and classified material safe.

So, moving forward, here’s what we suggest: take a stab at quantifying your project. Attach a headcount, measurements and any other concrete data you can collect (our team will be glad to help). Then, work in inspirations from personal preference and your brand. We’re here at 1900 Stuart Street every Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm. You can send us a message and book time using the button below, or stop by at your convenience. Our sales team will take it from there. Sound good?