Height Adjustable Desk

  • Adjustable Height from 27″ to 47″
  • Weight Capacity of (220) lbs
  • (36) Standard Finish Options
  • Elevation Legs Offer the Option of Including Multifunctional Drawers
  • Options for Wire Management
  • Includes a digital display control panel


Height Adjustable Desk | Elevation by Logiflex

Find height adjustable desk solutions with the Elevation line from Logiflex! Elevation is the ergonomic solution for working in comfort and flexibility. Each surface comes with an electrical control panel and can raise or lower between seated and standing positions in a matter of seconds. Elevation desks are designed to be compatible with any other Logiflex furniture line, so you can use Logiflex tables for both private office designs and open-space benching layouts.

First, decide on your preferred style with options from 36 standard finishes. Then, the height of each surface can adjust independently, ranging from 27″ all the way to 47″. A wide range of adjustment allows each individual to assume a fitting posture. Built with longevity in mind, these height adjustable desks are durable and have a carrying capacity of up to 220 pounds. Height adjustable desks provide wire management storage solutions in laminate channels that are easily accessible. A wide range of storage units are available in Logiflex’s other casegood collections, including multifuntional drawers. Finally, a digital display control panel allows the user to easily and efficiently adjust the height of the desk.

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