Boat Shaped Conference Tables

    • Available in (7) contemporary laminate finishes
    • Choice from cube, elliptical, or slab base
    • Sizes from 71″x35″ to 240″x48″
    • Option for power module


Boat Shaped Conference Tables

Set the boardroom up for success with boat shaped conference tables from Office Furniture Works. Boat shape table tops are available in a variety of laminate finishes, with lengths from 8′ – 20′. Conference table bases are available in both slab- and elliptical-base styles in laminate finish to match or contrast with table top.

The boardroom is often the nerve center of an organization’s decision-making. It’s important to understand the symbolism of the conference table within that space. This is where employees expect to receive their marching orders, and the configuration of the conference table dictates where focus is directed. With a graceful appearance and improved lines of sight, a boat-shape conference table can facilitate the decision-making process and convey company hierarchy.

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